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Student Dress Code

Campus Mode of Dress Policy


6th Grade: Light grey, collared shirt

7th Grade:  Purple, collared shirt

8th Grade: Black or yellow, collared shirt


The District’s dress code is established to teach hygiene, instill discipline, prevent disruption, avoid safety hazards, and assert authority. Students shall come to school looking clean, neat, and exhibiting grooming that will not be a health or safety hazard or distracting to the student or others. The SBCISD prohibits pictures, emblems, or writing on clothing that are lewd, vulgar, or obscene, or that advertise or depict tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, drugs, satanic, heavy metal rock music, gang related, or any other substance prohibited under policy FNCF.

Miller Jordan will implement a “Mode of Dress” for all students. All students will be required to wear a solid polo style shirt with no more than four buttons or button holes that includes the following colors: purple, gray, black, white, and gold. Any undershirts worn under polo shirts are subject to the same rules as outlined in the aforementioned Mode of Dress.

SBCISD prohibits any clothing or grooming that in the administrator’s judgment may reasonably be expected to cause disruption of or interfere with normal school operations.


a. Tuck in shirts (not rolled or folded). Polo shirts must be in the following solid colors only: purple, gray, black, and gold.

b. Pants/shorts must be worn at the waistline and of the proper waist size and not of a mesh material (basketball shorts or basketball pants), (determination of rule compliance will be made by an administrator). Shorts/pants must be of solid color (Blue Jean/Denim material; black or khaki slacks/jeans only).

c. Wear their hair clean and neatly groomed with styles that are not grotesque or extreme to the extent of creating distractions (determination will be made by an administrator).

d. Comply with information listed below when wearing jackets/sweaters:

(1.) Under no circumstances are “hoodies” allowed on campus. Hoodies are pullover jackets/ sweaters that cannot be opened in the front by means of zipper or buttons and sometimes have pullover hoods.

(2.) Jackets/Sweaters may be worn outdoors only during cold weather.

(3.) Jackets/ Sweaters in the school building are allowed only if they are completely unzipped/ unbuttoned and they are of proper length. (Proper length is considered one that does not go beyond the student’s wrists when standing up straight.

(4.) Long sleeve shirts/ sweaters worn, must be worn under their school/team shirt and must be tucked in, and must be one of the colors indicated in the mode of dress.

(5.) Any classroom teacher may ask their students to remove their jackets/ sweaters, while they are in the classroom, regardless if they are zipped or not.



b. Garments, pins, belts, patches, or similar items that advertise,
decorate, or display tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or other substance
abuse items

c. Garments, pins, belts, patches, or similar items marked, printed,
stamped, or decorated with gang related, or obscene, vulgar,
suggestive language, advertisements, satanic emblems, gothic signs,
symbols or deemed inappropriate by an administrator

d. Mini skirts, short shorts (four fingers above the knee rule) or
similar items

e. Long overcoats, bandanas, headgear, or sunglasses (Except as
prescribed by a physician licensed to practice in the State of Texas)

f. Hats, visors, or caps shall not be worn inside school building except on special occasions as permitted by the administrators

g. NO beards, goatees, or sideburns-below earlobe. NO earrings on
boys, NO body piercing (except girl earrings).

h. Straight pins or safety pins to be worn on clothing or to be used as
decorations on clothing or backpacks, or other items.

i. Black or dark brown lipstick/lip liner/eye shadow. Black nail polish or paint will not be allowed (boys or girls).

j. Glitter in hair/face/body/clothing – Colored hair (green, pink, orange, etc.)

k. Face paintings or appliqués of any kind–Writing of any kind on hands/face

l. Pants that sag or drag on the floor, or because of the width, cover the shoe completely –Wear pants or shorts with suspenders properly.

m. Camouflage, or soldier fatigues on any type of clothing (except as specified in the LOTC “Mode of Dress.”)

n. Ties (except when worn in the traditional manner with a dress shirt and at pre-approved occasions

o. Shoes must be secured to avoid accidents–No Flip-Flop shoes

p. No writing / emblems will be permitted on backpacks or clothes.

q. No slash cuts on eyebrows.

r. All tattoos will be covered so as not visible to student population.

s.   No torn, cut, ripped, frayed jeans/clothing

t.    Hair, which is not, a natural human color (yellow, blue, pink, ect.) or which may cause disruption to the school environment.